Volo Mission 

Fire Seminar 2022

Do you have questions regarding how to get started in the helicopter fire fighting industry and want to learn the answers?
Do you want to know what is required in order to gain a U.S. Federal Government Fire Service Pilot Card?  
Are you a company that could use a few pointers on how to become a U.S. Federal Government Fire Vendor? 
Do you have questions on how to prepare the forms for detailed government contracts?

Let Experts Provide the Answers!
Join other helicopter pilots and companies for an intense four day course or two-day fire education class designed to provide you with important information and knowledge to confidently work within the fire fighting industry. Whether you're just starting out or you have been working in the fire industry for a couple of years, Volo Mission's fire course will provide attendees with what they need to know to successfully work in this exclusive industry.