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Course Instructor's


Andre is a highly skilled longline pilot with over twenty years experience flying longline missions around the world. He has extensive knowledge in areas that include: training, construction, logging, firefighting, police, and military operations. Andre has trained countless pilots who have wanted to learn, or improve their skills in VR and longline. For this course, Andre will instruct pilots in the helicopter on the skills they need to work as a safe and proficient fire pilot.
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Andre Hutchings

​The Barry Team has over 37 years of knowledge and R&D in the manufacturing of world-renowned products. Patrick will provide a presentation on the basic knowledge of how to maintain, inspect, and manage the inventory of longlines and cargo nets. This is a unique opportunity to acquire a new understanding from the experts manufacturing the best helicopter external load gear. For more information on Barry Cordage Ltd., click on link below.

Kimberly has a degree in Psychology, and advanced degree in Human Factors, and Safety Management. She is a licensed helicopter pilot and has been working with the longline community for several years. Kimberly will educate attendees on the important human factors associated specifically with fire pilots working in this high stress environment. Having this knowledge is critical to the safety of pilots and those they are working with in the air and on the ground. For more information on Kimberly, click on link below.

As a USFS Helicopter Inspector Pilot, John is responsible for checking and qualifying contractors for the U.S. Inter-agency Helicopter Pilot Qualification Card which allows them to work on U.S. Government Contracts. Prior to his current role, John flew 'heavies' in military, construction, logging, and firefighting missions. For this course, John will educate pilots and operators on the processes needed to working a U.S. Government Fire Contract.
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Patrick Barry

John Harris

Volo Mission's 1st Annual Fire Seminar 

Kimberly Hutchings